Explore Dubai’s Desert with Our Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Hot Air Balloon Standard Package

AED 1150

Pick & Drop by 4×4 Car

Pick & Drop by 4×4 Car


The Standard package that we offer is the best way to explore the desert in its entirety. The package consists of a pick-up and drop-off service within the city of Dubai. 

Duration of Tour:

Our Hot Air Balloon Dubai Ride lets you experience Dubai’s essence in 3 to 4 hours. Revel in iconic landmarks, seamless transportation, and a unique expedition through contemporary culture. Discover Dubai charm through our hot air balloon flight and create unforgettable memories that will last long after the tour.

Price Per Person:

  • Standard Hot Air Balloon Dubai Ride Price for adults Will be 1150AED/Person.

Standard package Hot Air Balloon Dubai

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Tour Plan

Our team of committed and courteous specialists will arrive at your Dubai hotels during the peaceful hours of 4:00 AM and 4:30 AM. With a dedication to providing excellent service, we assure a smooth start to your Hot Air Balloon Dubai Ride experience, whisking you away from your lodgings to commence a day of adventure and wonder.


As the clock approaches 4:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., you will find yourself excited as you come to the departure site in Margham. This tour signifies the beginning of your Hot Air Balloon Dubai Ride experience. In the pre-dawn stillness, you will complete the necessary pre-flight preparations, where a mix of anticipation and preparedness will set the tone for the upcoming voyage. Here, the desert landscape unfolds before you, anticipating your unforgettable experience to be painted on the canvas of the sky.

During the early morning hours, specifically between 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM, a notable transformation occurs in the surrounding environment, leading individuals to a captivating and extraordinary expedition. Against the backdrop of the ascending sun, one will soar elegantly into the atmosphere, being lifted by the gentle embrace of the hot air balloon. As one traverses the aerial expanse, the distinctive landmarks of Dubai gradually reveal themselves, presenting a captivating spectacle that eludes verbal description. This tour allows individuals to capture the aesthetic appeal of Dubai from a unique perspective experienced by just a select few, resulting in enduring memories that will remain deeply ingrained inside one’s emotional consciousness indefinitely.

The ascent into the clouds ends when the clock strikes six in the morning, and it is now time to sate your appetite with a gourmet breakfast that will restore both your body and your spirit. After your flight, treat yourself to a buffet that will help you feel refreshed, featuring a flavorful medley that perfectly captures the heart of the occasion.

After you have finished enjoying this gourmet adventure, from 6:30 AM until 7:00 AM, you can take a camel ride across the great expanse of the desert and become enchanted by its beauty. You will travel the sands while being guided by the rhythmic sway of the camel’s stride. This tour will allow you to connect with the everlasting appeal of the Arabian desert.

Sunrise View:

As the sun rises over the horizon in Dubai, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking show. The sky explodes in a blaze of yellow and orange, creating a stunning scene that will stay with you forever.

Flying Certificate:

When you have your official electronic certificate, you can take a minute to be proud of yourself. This digitally signed statement by your pilot sums up your entire Hot Air Balloon Dubai Ride experience; it symbolizes your exciting flight and a treasured memento of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Dune Bashing:

As you prepare for an intense round of dune bashing, try not to let the excitement get the better of you. Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey across the undulating sandy landscape, which will be led by an expert guide who will be at the wheel. Tourists can experience the dynamic beauty of the desert in a way that will be truly unforgettable if you traverse the dunes in style.

Horse Riding:

Participate in a once-in-a-lifetime horseback riding adventure while Familiarising yourself with the area’s rich history. As you travel across the desert environment on horseback, take the opportunity to appreciate the historical and cultural significance of horseback riding in the Arabian culture. You will be able to get in touch with the history of the area while also taking in the natural splendor of your surroundings if you go on this tour on horseback.

Optional Services:

During this hour of flexibility, the option is entirely up to you. You can take your experience to the next level by purchasing additional services like a professionally edited flight film or photographs of a falcon, or you can use this time to enjoy the area’s peace. This hour is tailored to your choices, whether you want to take more photos to capture more memories or you want to relax and enjoy some downtime.

Return Journey:

Your unforgettable adventure on the Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai is ending, and our hardworking crew will see to it that you have a safe trip back within a 20-kilometer radius of Dubai. As you are driven back to your accommodations, take some time to relax and think about all the fantastic things that happened during your time in Dubai, from the breathtaking views of the sunrise to the exhilarating adventures in the desert.

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