Explore Dubai’s Desert with Our Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

AED 350

Pick & Drop by 4×4 Car

Pick & Drop by 4×4 Car

Overview of Overnight Desert Safari:

You can experience luxury, vast Desert on a private desert safari expedition from 350 AED per person. Jump on an outstanding trip into the center of the intoxicating desert landscape with our complete Overnight Desert Safari Deal. This carefully arranged experience promises a memorable mixture of adrenaline-pumping activities, genuine cultural experiences, and peaceful moments under the starry sky.

Duration of Tour:

Embark on a journey that spans 17-18 hours on average, encompassing captivating tours, pickups, drop-offs, and an overnight desert camp stay, all starting from Dubai. Experience the allure of time well-spent.

Price Per Person:

  • Overnight Stay with Desert Safari Price Will be 350AED

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

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Tour Plan

Pick Up for Overnight Desert Safari:

Our expert driver will pick you up from your hotel or home location. Be ready to enjoy a lot of interesting and thrilling activities. We shall pick you up at 3:00pm and take to the point where you can enjoy the ride of Quad Bikes or Dune Buggies. It takes almost 1 hour. Driver will stop the car at some grocery shop or mart you can buy some Arabic traditional things.

Adventure of Quad Bikes or Dune Buggies:

After reaching the dune buggy or quad bikes point, You will have 1 hour if you want to enjoy the experience of Quad bikes or Dune Buggies. Keep in mind if you want to take the ride of quad bikes of dune buggies you will charged extra amount. We will suggest you please add your quad bike or dune buggy ride if you want to enjoy the quad bike ride by self at the time of booking of your tour. There are some picture points at this location you can take pictures by your own camera or mobile.

Adventure of Dune Bashing with Overnight Desert Safari:

After enjoying the quad bike or dune buggy ride, First of all, you will enjoy the dune bashing in Desert Safari for half an hour. Hold onto your seats when your expert driver navigates the rolling dunes while delivering an adrenaline–fueled Dune Bashing experience that will keep you motionless. Your skilled driver navigates the undulating dunes, delivering an adrenaline-fueled dune-bashing experience that will leave you breathless. The terrifying twists and turns are actual evidence of the raw power of nature. Secondly you will witness the attractive sunset scene. It will give you much delight and satisfaction. As the sun is about to descend behind the gigantic dunes, the desert seems alive and active reflecting golden color seemingly stretching infinitely. The luxury pick-and-drop car is specially designed to cope with the demanding topography of the desert.

Direct To The Camp:

After adventure with dune bashing and take some unforgettable moments in your phone with camera at sunset view, Driver will take you to the desert camp where you will enjoy many other activities. It takes almost 45 Minutes to 1 hour reaching at the camp.

Cultural Display:

Various cultural activities of the desert region provide a vision of the lavish traditional heritage. Here you can get delight by involving yourself in various activities like Henna paintings on your hands. You can also take part in a falconry demonstration that reflects a deep bonding between the man and the bird that has been continued for centuries.

Nomadic Traditions:

When twilight spreads all over the desert, you will be welcomed into a conventional Bedouin camp, where the repeats of time–honored Arabian traditions vibrate. Your hosts will offer you refreshing dates and fragrant Arabic coffee, a sign of their lavish soul.

Culinary Delights:

Taste the flavors of delicious genuine Arabian Buffet dishes, prepared to satisfy your taste buds. Involve in tasty grilled meats, aromatic rice dishes, and juicy vegetables prepared with the mixture of spices that is a special Arabian food item.

Traditional Entertainment Shows:

While getting your delicious buffet dinner, you will enjoy the traditional show like belly dance, tanoura dance, and fire show. Graceful and mesmerizing, belly dance weaves tales of culture and rhythm. A captivating art form that enchants hearts worldwide. Igniting the night with brilliance, fire shows mesmerize. Daring performances set the stage ablaze, leaving a trail of awe and wonder. As well as whirling colors paint a cultural masterpiece as Tanoura dancers spin, embodying tradition and vitality in a captivating spectacle of motion

A beautiful celestial spectacle:

When darkness spreads over the desert, a beautiful celestial sight reveals itself overhead. Far away from the city’s twinkling lights, the desert sky reflects the spectacle of a starry sky decorated with numerous shining stars. You can lie down and get relaxation over the cushions and carpets while enjoying the charm and attraction of the universe revealing its vastness and splendor before your eyes.

Bone Fire:

After the completion of the camp, you will sit around the burning firewood arrangement. People belonging to different countries get busy with gossip or important discussions. You will get information along with listening to many interesting tales of different regions. You are provided with luxury rugs, blankets, and mattresses. You will spend the whole night in the desert enjoying and getting delighted, sharing the experiences.

Desert serenity:

After enjoying a delightful evening full of cultural engagements, you can go back to your private desert camp, a refuge among the peaceful dunes. Here you will find a source of comfort and lavishness.  The camp has the facilities of a luxurious bed, surrounding lighting, and all the facilities necessary for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sands of Slumber:

When you will drift into slumber, the delicate, sweet, gentle songs of the desert breeze will take you into the empire of dreams. The soft, gentle rustling of the sands and sweet songs of nighttime creatures produce peaceful records that will help you to have a deep and peaceful refreshing slumber. You will have sweet peaceful rest that will make you fresh and active for the next day’s activities.

Sunrise Serenade:

Get up early in the morning to witness a marvelous sunrise view that paints the sky in orange and pink color while reflecting golden color on the vast endless area of the desert. An amazing camel ride is awaiting you, a chance to connect you to the modest spirit of the desert when you softly swing above this splendid creature. You will imagine the period when camels were the most significant source of trade. It will connect you to the old Arabian traditions.

Farewell to the Sands

Before leaving this attractive landscape, involve yourself in a hearty breakfast that will provide you strength for the remaining journey. Recall the numerous golden memories you have created during your overnight desert safari. The charm, beauty, and secrets of the vast desert will forever remain in your heart and soul.

After finishing your breakfast, our driver will be there for you to pick up and drop you at you hotel location. At 8:00AM or 9:00AM you will be drop at your home or hotel location by our luxurious 4wd cars.

Envisioning the Magnificence of Luxury Overnight Desert Safari DUBAI:

While I haven’t experienced a luxury overnight desert safari myself, I can surely imagine how dazzling it would be based on explanations and testimonials from others. The thought of getting away into the vast expanse of the Desert Safari Dubai, adjoined by luxury and submerged in cultural experiences, is extremely appealing in Luxury Overnight Desert Safari Dubai.

In my fascination, I can picture myself appearing at the exclusive desert camp, feeling the excitement build as I step out of the vehicle and respire in the crisp air of Desert Safari Dubai. The warm greeting from the staff, the sight of enlightened tents or private villas snuggled among the dunes, and the commitment to adventure all contribute to a sense of enthusiasm and awe in a way to Luxury Overnight Desert Safari Dubai.

As midday unfolded in Desert Safari Dubai, I saw myself boarding a ship on an exhilarating dune-striking ride, feeling the adrenaline rush as the vehicle steered the sandy terrain. The peacefulness of a camel journey at sunset, with the extensive Desert Safari Dubai holding out before me in shades of gold and crimson, offers a harmonious contrast to the exhilaration of the afternoon ventures.

A Magical Evening of Culture and Gratitude Under the Desert Sky:

In the evening, surrounded by glimmering lanterns and the bonfire radiance, I plunged into the region’s spirited culture. The hypnotic rhythms of conventional music and dance shows transport me to another time and place, while the sparkling stars overhead create a supernatural backdrop for the night’s merriment.

As I retire to my sumptuous tent for the dark, I can’t help but perceive a sense of gratitude for the chance to experience such luxury and innate beauty. As the first light of sunrise illuminates the horizon, emulsion the desert landscape in soft hues of pink and orange, I know that this occurrence will stay with me constantly, an esteemed memory of a truly indelible journey.

 Commence on a Luxurious Overnight Desert Safari Adventure:

Run away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and commence a journey into the heart of peacefulness with our Luxury Overnight Desert Safari. Snuggle amidst the golden sands of the Desert Safari Dubai, this exceptional experience promises an unforgettable blend of adventure, relaxation, and gratification. Start a journey into the heart of calmness with our “Luxury Overnight Desert Safari” which sets the stage for an escape from the clangor and chaos of daily routines. Desert Safari Dubai bids individuals leave behind their disturbances and stresses and submerge themselves in a calming and captivating experience of Luxury Overnight Desert Safari.


As the sun begins its sink, our expert guides will lead you on an exciting dune-bashing adventure of Desert Safari Dubai, navigating the exalted dunes in a 4×4 vehicle. Feel the adrenaline rush as you conquer the peaks and valleys of the desert landscape, with comprehensive views stretching as far as the eye can see.

After an exciting ride, arrive at our unique desert camp, where luxury meets folklore. Step into a globe of Arabian hospitality as you will be welcomed with traditional sustenance and into our campsite’s lavish surroundings.


A Culinary Journey Under the Desert Sky in Luxury Overnight Desert Safari:

Savor the Crux of Arabia and indulge your sensation with a sumptuous feast of local delicacies, prepared by our skillful chefs using unwilted ingredients. Smack of the rich flavors of genuine Arabian cuisine as you dine under the sparkling sky, adjoined by the dazzling impression of the desert.

As night falls, gather around the sizzling bonfire and immerse yourself in the fascinating rhythms of traditional music and dance performances. Let the alleviative melodies and elegant movements transport you to a bygone era, as you adventure the magic of Arabian amusement.

After a night of celebration, retire to your magnificent Bedouin-style tent, provided with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. Dope off to the gentle murmur of the desert breeze and be aroused by the spectacular beauty of the sunrise over the horizon.

Awake reinvigorated and rejuvenated, ready to start on a new day of adventure. Enjoy a comfortable breakfast amidst the peaceful desert surroundings before commanding farewell to this oasis of calmness.

Our Luxury Overnight Desert Safari offers a truly alluring experience, allowing you to attach to nature, culture, and yourself. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or simply a moment of tranquility, this indelible journey promises to exceed your every presumption.

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