Explore Dubai’s Desert with Our Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Red Dune Desert Safari:

Dubai, a city of skyscrapers is the hub for providing luxuries and entertainment for visitors. Settled among the golden sands of the Arabian Desert, the Red Dune Desert Safari presents outstanding activities that help to awaken the adventurer’s spirit and provide golden memories to last a lifetime. The Red Dune Desert Safari is more than a trip. It is a journey into the center of nature’s splendor, where the old sand tells the stories of history and durability.

Duration of Tour:

Embark on a journey that spans 5-6 hours on average, encompassing captivating tours, pickups, drop-offs, and many more activities, all starting from Dubai. Experience the allure of time well-spent.

Price Per Person:

  • Price for Red Desert Safari Will be 200AED

Tour Plan

Our driver will pick you up for Evening Desert Safari Dubai from your home or designated location to enhance your Safari experience. We will make sure that you are getting a timely start on your adventure in the Dubai desert. We will pick you up from 2:30 to 3:00 pm, and you are encouraged to be on time.

You will be dropped into the desert and will be allowed to experience dune bashing for 10 to 15 Minutes. Moreover, you can also experience quad bike rides, but it will need additional payment. You can enjoy the thrill of riding on sand dunes on the vehicle and have the option to ride a quad bike for added adventure and excitement

After spending time in the desert, you will be dropped off at camp, where you will be able to engage in different activities. These activities are capturing pictures or shots of stunning desert sunsets, short camel rides, and wearing Arabic costumes to get memorable pictures. Moreover, you will also get unlimited water soft drinks, water, and tea.

During the 4th hour, you will be able to enjoy different entertainment shows to make your experience memorable. You will get the opportunity to watch a fire show that wills lights up your desert night. Moreover, a unique belly dance performance will add a touch of elegance to improve your experience. Evening Desert Safari Dubai will also include Tanoura dance which will show traditional spinning routines, developing an unforgettable cultural experience for you.

You will get the opportunity of a BBQ buffet dinner, and we will make sure to give you an enjoyable array of delectable treats and grilled dishes. After 7:00 pm, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing shisha experience in the customized smoking area. You can get the atmosphere and environment of the Arabian desert while socializing and making efficient memories with fellow members.

When you experience different things in Evening Desert Safari Dubai, you will be comfortably and safely transported back to your home locations. It will conclude unforgettable desert adventures with enhanced memories of dune bashing, a delightful BBQ dinner, and a cultural performance under the stars.

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