Explore Dubai’s Desert with Our Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Quad Bike Desert Safari Dubai

AED 250

Pick & Drop by 4×4 Car

Pick & Drop by 4×4 Car


Thrill and conquer the golden sand dunes using a Quad Bike Desert safari Dubai adventure by paying 250 AED per person. The vast expense of the Desert Safari has always captivated, intoxicated and attracted all the viewers a lot. For persons who are always in search of an adrenaline-pumping incident, a Quad Bike Desert Safari promises an outstanding experience that is the blend of thrill off road riding with the attractive beauty of the desert landscape. This distinct adventure package presents a complete blend of delight, nature searching and cultural involvement. It is a perfect selection for both thrill explorers and also for those who are in search of an actual memorable gateway.

Duration of Tour:

This Safari Tour will be 5-6 hours long on average, encompassing captivating tours, pick & drop, and Quad Bike Desert Safari, all starting from Dubai. Experience the allure of time well-spent.

Price Per Person:

  • Quad Bike Desert Safari Dubai Price Will be 250AED

Quad Bike Desert Safari

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Tour Plan

Our expert driver will pick you from your home or hotel location. He will pick you from  to  and you are bound to be on time. Get ready to experience a lot of thrilling activities that will introduce you a magical wonder land.

Our driver will drop you into the desert safari allowing you to experience dune bashing for about half an hour. Be ready to satisfy your thrilling and adventurous nature by involving in dune bashing adventure. Our expert perfect driver will take you skillfully through gigantic dunes that will enhance your thrill and enthusiasm. .Along with dune Bashing Quad Bike Ride is another thrilling activity that will satisfy you and give you the height of delight.

After spending some time in the vast desert and enjoying Dune Bashing and Bike Riding, our expert driver will take to the desert camp. At that camp you will get entertainment by live fire shows, short camel riding along with Arabian costumes and BBQ Buffet Dinner. Here you can take photographs or shots of charming desert sunset scene, short camel ride while wearing Arabic costumes to make your hours memorable till long time. Moreover you can also get unlimited water drinks, soft drinks and Arabian coffee.

During 4th hour, you will be able to enjoy various entertainment shows to make your precious hours thrilling and memorable. You will get the opportunity to enjoy fire show that will brighten your desert night. Moreover, a distinct Belly dance and traditional Tanoura dance performances will add a feeling of excitement and thrill to increase your memorable cultural experience.

Now it is the time to enjoy BBQ Buffet Dinner and we shall make it sure to provide you a tasty arrangement of feasts and grilled meat dishes along with fresh salads. From juicy grilled meat to delicious Arabian desserts, all food items will satisfy your taste buds. Here you will experience the hospitality and splendid cooking skills of the expert Arabian chefs. After 7 pm, you will also have a chance to get relaxation by Shisha smoking in a specific customized smoky area.

After having experience of various activities in Quad Bike dessert safari , Dubai you will be safely taken to your hotel or home location. It will contain memorable desert adventures including Dune Bashing and enjoyable BBQ Dinner and many interesting cultural performances under the starry sky.

Big Red Quad Bike Rental – All You Need to Know – Quad Bike Desert Safari

The Thrill of a Quad Bike Desert Safari:

A Quad Bike Desert Safari offers a thrilling and immersive way to explore the remarkable landscapes of the desert. It’s an adventure-packed adventure that allows you to navigate through the vast expanses of sand and dunes, offering a unique stance on the desert environment. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Riding a quad bike through the desert provides a unique and exhilarating experience that is hard to recreate elsewhere. When you’re on a quad bike in the desert, you have a sense of freedom and liberty unlike anything else. The vast, open terrain stretches out before you, with no limits or restrictions. You have the freedom to scout at your own pace, charting your course through the dunes and valleys as you see fit.

Quad bikes in Dubai are designed for off-road adventures, and they excel in the desert environment. With their dynamic engines and agile handling, quad bikes allow you to navigate through the sand with ease, tackling barriers and maneuvering around tight corners effortlessly. This sense of speed and agility adds to the excitement of the experience.

Riding a quad bike through the desert engages all your senses through Quad Bikes Dubai. You feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, hear the speed of the engine as you rev it up, and smell the distinct scent of the desert air. The sand kicks up around you, and the wind whips through your hair, creating a multisensory experience that is both exciting and immersive.

One of the highlights of riding a Quad Bikes Dubai in the desert is the breathtaking panoramic views. From the top of a sand dune, you can see for miles in every direction, with nothing but a boundless desert landscape stretching out before you. The vastness of the desert and the

Belle of its natural formations leaves you in awe of the world around you.

There’s a sense of adventure that comes with riding a Quad Bike Desert Safari. You’re exploring uncharted territory, traveling into remote areas that few people have ever seen. The thrill of discovery and the adrenaline rush of tackling stimulating terrain fuel your adventurous spirit and leave you craving more.

Unveiling the Hidden Wonders by Exploring the Desert with Quad Bikes Dubai:

Traveling off the beaten path with Quad Bikes Dubai opens up a world of exploration and discovery in the desert. Traditional vehicles are often limited in where they can go in the desert due to the uneven terrain and soft sand. However, quad bikes are designed to tackle these challenges with ease with us at Quad Bikes Desert Safari, allowing you to access far away areas that are otherwise inaccessible. This means you can travel deep into the heart of the desert, far away from tourist crowds and popular attractions, to discover hidden gems that few others have seen.

One of the most magical aspects of traversing the desert with a quad bike is the opportunity to stumble upon hidden oases snuggled among the dunes. These lush, green havens provide a stark contrast to the surrounding arid landscape and offer a welcome respite from the desert heat. You can take a break from your ride to mitigate by the tranquil waters, surrounded by palm trees and native wildlife, soaking in the calmness of these hidden oases.

The desert is home to a rich history dating back thousands of years, and Quad Biking Dubai allows you to explore ancient ruins and archaeological sites that are sprinkled throughout the landscape. From crumbling fortresses and deserted villages to ancient petroglyphs and rock art, each discovery offers a glance into the desert’s storied past and the civilizations that once thrived in these harsh environments.

Unforgettable Adventures Await at Big Red Quad Bike Rental:

At Big Red Quad Bike Rental, you will not be just about provided with Quad Bikes Dubai; we’re about delivering indelible experiences in the great outdoors. Our dedication to adventure means that we go above and beyond to guarantee every aspect of your quad biking journey is surprising with Quad Bikes Dubai.

Our agile rugged Quad Bikes Dubai is carefully selected and conserved to the highest standards, so you can trust that your ride will be well-grounded and ready for any adventure with Quad Biking Dubai. Whether you’re negotiating sandy dunes, navigating rocky terrain, or tackling muddy trails, our quad bikes are arrayed to handle it all with ease under Quad Bikes Dubai.

We understand that not all and sundry who comes to us is a seasoned rider, which is why Quad Bikes Dubai serves both beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Our friendly and erudite staff provide thorough safety briefings and instructions before each rental, ensuring that everyone feels self-reliant and comfortable on their quad bike at Quad Bike Desert Safari.

But it’s not just about the ride with Quad Bikes Dubai—it’s also about the voyage. That’s why we’ve chosen rental placements in some of the most scenic and picturesque areas around. From rolling hills to coastal cliffs to dense forests in Quad Biking Dubai, our locations offer spectacular views and endless opportunities for exploration through Quad Bikes Dubai.

Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush shredding through open fields through Quad Bikes Dubai, a serene escape along meandering forest paths, or a splash-filled escapade through muddy puddles, Big Red Quad Bike Rental has something for everyone. With our adherence to safety and customer satisfaction, you can relax and center on making memories that will last a lifetime with Quad Bike Desert Safari.


Climb Aboard on an Extraordinary Adventure with Quad Bikes Dubai:

Our allegiance to adventure runs deep, and we strive to make sure that every moment of your Quad Biking Dubai journey with Quad Bikes Dubai is nothing short of extraordinary.

From the minute you step into our rental facility, you’ll sense the excitement and

Enthusiasm in the air. We’re not just here to provide quad bikes in Dubai; we’re here to create memories that will last a lifetime. Our team is stauncher to going above and beyond to ensure that every strand of your quad biking experience exceeds your expectations.

When you choose Big Red Quad Bike Rental, you’re not just renting a vehicle; you’re climbing aboard on an adventure. Whether you’re cruising through sandy dunes, splashing through muddy puddles, or navigating rocky terrain, Our Quad Bikes Dubai are designed to handle any challenge with ease. We take great care to keep our fleet to the highest standards, so you can trust that your ride will be well-grounded and ready for whatever the wilderness throws your way.

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Release your inner Adventure; Quad Biking:

At the center of the Quad Bike Desert Safari is the hopeful Quad Biking experience. Quad bikes also known as all -terrain vehicles (ATVs). These are specifically prepared to hammer the rugged desert terrain with ease. These forceful machines allow you to go across sandy dunes, rocky paths and turning landscapes providing an opportunity of adrenaline rush. When you pass through the stimulating topography, you will experience a flow of delight and a sense of completion that mere off-road riding can provide.